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Our association was established to provide unity, solidarity and solidarity among experts in the diagnosis and treatment of swallowing disorders, to educate patients and their relatives who have swallowing disorders and whose quality of life is impaired because of this, to encourage solidarity among them, to provide consultancy services and to organize training seminars.

Yutma Bozuklukları Araştırma Derneği Logosu

Founding Board of Directors:

Prof.Dr. A. Ayşe Karaduman (President)

Prof.Dr. Hasan Özen (2. President)

Prof. Dr. A. Şefik Hoşal (General Secretary)

Dr. Numan Demir (Accountant)

Prof. Dr. Aydın Yağmurlu (Member)

Prof. Dr. Umut Akyol (Member)

Fzt. Selen Serel (Member)

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